Chronophone - Zonzo Compagnie project 1/3 -

Involving spatial sound design and visually appealing devices, we helped develop an augmented auditive experience, the so-called ‘Chronophone’.

©Karolina Maruszak 

Focused on a young audience, Zonzo Compagnie developed an outdoor sonic tour using a smartphone application. A wonderful team helped us to bring this majestic project to life: componist/producer/soundscape artist Jo Thielemans, media artist and SFX developer Gertjan Biasino & developer Ignacio Pecino.

The ‘Chronophone’ challenged our creative thinking since it had to speak to children visually, impress them soundwise and be durable as well. With our cross-media loving mind we got involved in coördinating the process but also in designing the cases for the smartphones and the playful elements on the headsets. We painted and assembled the cases with the 3D printed components, safety straps, a decorative antenna and a fun spirit level.

©Geert De Coninck

The Chronophone was created during a special research project on the behalf of Zonzo Compagnie, well-known for their music-theatre productions internationally.  Check out Zonzo Compagnie’s website to see when you can go on this inspiring soundtour in your neighborhood!

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The research and development was supported by the Flemish Government.
Geert finished working on this research project early 2024.

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