Riso as an Artform

Is Riso an artform?

Riso machines are made for large numbers of duplicates (copies), making it a commercial machine of the past.
Prints are made during a difficult process mixing a Riso selection of inks, colours, designs and come with many flaws.
Each print is the result of multiple unique print cycles and flaws. All these choices are human made, on the spot, next to the machine. 

The best way to describe the result is by comparing Polaroid pictures with modern HQ digital pictures.
Both have their place in a modern time and the Polaroid comes with the known imperfections and vintage appeal. A Polaroids picture is also unique compared to a digital picture. 
The same goes with Riso prints. It's a process, it's dirty and it claims a charming unwinding place in a fast a modern world.

At Arties we are using a 20 years old RISO RA4200 duplicator without any computers handling. 
Each separate colour print has to be set manually and calibrated on the machine to make each colour prints perfectly(-ish). 
This process can be very time consuming needs a lot of preparations. The final number of prints get determined by the amount of good prints left, after manually cycling each paper trough the machine for each colour. 
So the surviving designs on 180gr paper are the one left. After each project the machine destroys the master, making it impossible to make an identical print in the future.
(Read about the Riso process here.) 

But is it art? 
We let you to decide on that question. 
Riso are affordable to collect, easy to store and come in many forms to discover. (Art-zine, Screen print, collage)
Why not create a collection for yourself to explore during a relaxing moment on your couch. 


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