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What's an Artbox?

Welcome to the world of art boxes! These collections of mixed media, prints, and other artworks are the perfect way to discover new artists and explore the vast world of creativity.

Each art box is a unique and hand-crafted selection of artworks, carefully curated to offer a diverse and engaging experience. From screen prints and collages to photographs and illustrations, art boxes offer a wide range of mediums and styles to discover.

But what makes art boxes different from traditional art zines? For starters, art boxes are often produced in limited editions, making them a collectible and exclusive item. They also tend to be more immersive and interactive, with many art boxes featuring additional items such as stickers, buttons, and other small gifts.

Whether you're an art collector looking for new pieces to add to your collection, or simply someone who loves discovering new art, art boxes are sure to offer something for everyone. So why not take the time to relax and explore the world of art boxes on your couch? You never know what treasures you might find!


What's an Art-zine?

Art-zines are small, self-published magazines and print publications that often feature art, illustrations, and other creative works. They are typically created by artists or small groups of artists as a way to self-publish and distribute their work to a wider audience.

Art zines can be created using a variety of printing techniques, including offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, and letterpress printing. The choice of technique may depend on factors such as the quantity of copies being printed, the type of artwork being featured, and the overall aesthetic and feel of the zine.

Many art zines are produced in limited editions, with each copy being signed and numbered by the artist or artists. This can add to the collectability and value of the zine, as well as create a sense of exclusivity and authenticity.

Art zines often showcase a wide range of creative styles and techniques, and can be a great way for artists to experiment and push the boundaries of traditional print media. They can also be a way for artists to connect with and engage with their audience, and to share their work with others who are interested in their art.

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